Preserving prints, photographs, paintings, and other two dimensional works

with archival materials and practices for over 40 years

John Fralin has been an active picture framer for over 40 years. His work can be seen at some of the following institutions:

In addition to museums, interior designers, and corporate clients, we work with individual clients to design beautiful frames that not only accentuate their art, but preserve it for years to come. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, traditional or period accurate reproduction frame we offer custom picture framing in a wide variety of price points to accommodate clients with set budgets.

European Reproduction

We offer a wide selection of Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and English reproduction closed corner frames. Each moulding is milled and finished specifically for your work of art which means our trusted artisans can customize specific details to your specifications. The majority of our gold and silver frames are genuine 18k or 22k gold and are all hand gilt. We place an emphasis on framing works with historical accuracy. Additionally, we have access to many more styles than is presented here. These are a few of our favorites though.

Italian Reproduction

Spanish Reproduction

French Reproduction

Dutch and English Reproduction

American Reproduction Frames

Our selection of American style frames ranges from early Colonial to modern day. Like our European frames, these closed corner frames are milled and finished exactly to your specifications. Hand gilt with genuine 18k or 22k gold, these frames are truly spectacular. We feature frame designs based on the work of Hicks, Pendergrast, and Childe Hassam and general art nouveau and art deco designs. We are certain we can find the right frames for your treasured objects.

American 18th Century

American 19th Century

Custom Milled by John Fralin

These one of a kind frames are milled by John Fralin in our woodshop in Manchester to your exact specifications. Our gesso frames are milled out of basswood, chopped, and joined with dovetails or nails. Layers of gesso, dye, and stain are added to the joined frame until the desired colors and patterns are achieved. We are able to match specific wall colors, mimic motifs and architectural details, or create unique patterns. The sky is the limit when it comes to what John Fralin can create for you. In addition to our gesso frames, we work in solid hardwoods like quarter sawn oak, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, pine, and mahogany. If you have a vision, we can bring it to life in our woodshop.


In addition to custom milled molding from our woodshop we carry a comprehensive collection of manufactured and handmade molding samples. Some of the manufacturers and artisans we stock include:

AMPF   Genuine Gold & Burl   Omega  Picture Woods  Larson Juhl  Turner  Thomas Del Spina  Roma  Studio Molding  Nurre Caxton  Furst Brothers  Max Molding  Vermont Hardwoods